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Character Traits of Successful Recruiters

In the February newsletter we talked about the 7 habits of successful recruiters. We have also determined that successful recruiters have 7 common character traits.

Let’s take a look at those character traits that successful recruiters have in common:

  1. Passionate: Successful recruiters are passionate about their company, the opportunities within their organization and passionate about talking to agents about their company.  When your presentation is passionate, the person you are talking to knows that you believe in your company and are sincere about what you have to offer. Of course, there is a different in passionate, or trying to sell your company. No one wants to be sold. But the more you believe in what you have to offer, the more successful you will be at recruiting.
  2. Great listeners / Attentive: The key to hiring agents is to be a great listener. From the moment you begin asking questions, you will learn what they want and what is important to them. Successful recruiters have good eye contact and keep their attention focused on the recruit, because they really do want to know all about that person and how they can help them make the best decision for their real estate career.The potential recruit knows when you care about what they care about!
  3. Patient: This one is tricky. By nature, great recruiters, just like great salespeople are not patient at all! But, great recruiters and great salespeople know that it is a process. It is all about the timing and being there when the time is right for them to make a move. So, a very important trait that we see in successful recruiters is that they are able to work with a large group of people, send them info to educate them about the reasons to join their company, stay in touch and remain patient until the time is right, but then they swoop in quickly!  It is always exciting to be positioned when a company is vulnerable and you have relationships with many of their agents. We have had recruiters hire 10-15 top producers in one month, but it took years of positioning to make it all come together when the time was right.
  4. Competitive: Successful recruiters hate to lose, just like great salespeople hate to lose. This is a great trait. It means that they prepare properly for the interview and fine tune their skills so that get have the best chance of recruiting that person. If they do not hire the agent the first time they meet with them, they continue to follow up in very creative ways, which is where patience comes into play again.  Competitive recruiters and brokers do well in contests! When we hold our recruiting blitzes it is easy to spot the competitive ones! They hire 15-20 agents in one month….then wait for the next blitz!
  5. Caring Nature: Successful Recruiters truly care about others. This is a character trait that you cannot fake.  When you care about what others care about, it shows. I often say that even though it is tough…the best recruiters truly do structure the interview to help the prospective agent make the best decision for THEM, even if it means they don’t select your company.  Here’s what we mean. You know the agents who would prosper with your company. If your questions and your presentation are based on “Here is who we are looking for, and this is what we do best” then that message comes through loud and clear.  The agents who want what you have will join, but the others won’t. You should be OK with that. You cannot be all things to all people, but you will hire better agents and have better retention when your goal is to “help others make the right decision for them”.  In most cases, that company really should be you!
  6. Strong People Skills: This is a relationship business. To be a great recruiter, you have to like people, and they need to like you too. Strong people skills come into play in several areas. It means having a strong relationship with the agents in your office so that you can get referrals from your existing agents. It means networking at real estate functions, and having the people there look forward to meeting you. It means taking the time to get to know that person and staying in touch because you genuinely like them. It means that you are easy to approach, and that you can easily approach others.
  7. Good Problem Solvers: Tenacity is a word that comes to mind. It is not always easy to get the agents that you want, but a master recruiter will keep trying different approaches until they find one that works. They do not look at objections as objections, but rather as challenges that have a solution, and they look for it! Many of the agents that you are talking to truly would like to have you help them solve whatever is keeping them from being with your firm. Master recruiters are creative when it comes to solutions!

Character Traits of Successful Recruiters – Courtesy of Judy LaDeur International

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