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The Seven Daily Habits and Characteristics of a Master Recruiter

What do the top full time recruiters do on a daily basis to insure consistent results in recruiting?   Would you like to observe them for a day so that you could see what works, and what you could do to get the best results? Well, that’s what I do everyday! I coach, train and consult with the best in the business and there are definitely several common threads that run through their daily tasks. They also share several common characteristics.  Let’s look at the 7 daily habits of successful time recruiters:

#1: They all make phone calls part of their daily routine: They talk to a minimum of 10 agents every day on the phone about a career with their firm. When their pipeline is empty, or they are having a slow month, they spend several hours each day making calls. For a Master Recruiter, if they are not interviewing a candidate, they are looking for one!

#2: They book at least one interview per day.  A Master Recruiter knows that they need to be face to face with an experienced agent at least three times per week. But since agents sometimes need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, they book five interviews per week, to insure that they get face to face with at least three agents.

#3: They network with the agents in their office for referrals daily.  Every Master Recruiter says that the easiest way to get appointments is to build relationships with the agents in their office. Master recruiters say that 50%-80% of their recruits are as a direct result of the referrals from their agents. How do they get the referrals?  They ask for referrals, they watch who the agents are co-oping with in the market and follow up with phone calls, they hold networking and coaching sessions weekly for the agents in the office, and they understand that when agents are happy with  their office or company, that they want other agents to have that same experience. They can usually network with about 100 agents effectively, which are in one or two offices.

#4: They follow up with the agents that they have talked in their pipeline: Master recruiters hire about 70% of the agents that they get in for an interview that day, or within 60 days of the initial interview. 10% will choose another firm right away and about 20% of the agents that are interviewed will decide to move sometime in the next 12 months or when the time is right. That means that follow up is critical to long term success. Follow up involves, notes, calls, sending books or gifts, invitations to special or social events, or perhaps sending them an article that would help them in their business. The most effective means of follow up is customized to that agent. For example: If you discovered that the agent was worried about making a move because they are nervous about a change, then you might send them the book, “Who Moved my Cheese” which deals with change. You can send a note to let them know that others have felt the same way and that this book might help. If the agent was going on vacation, you could send a book that they could read on the beach with a note to enjoy their vacation and to call when they return. If you determined that marketing was a hot button for the agent, you could have your marketing department print several customized marketing pieces with their name on it to show them how you can support their career through marketing support. If advanced training is something that they needed, you could invite them to a training session. A master recruiter always takes lots of notes during the interview and what they learn in the interview, is their guide as to how to follow up until they get the agent.

#5: They delegate tasks such as mailings, gathering info for their hit list.A Master Recruiter knows that their job is to recruit agents.  That’s how they get paid. The most valuable use of their time is on the phone with an agent, in an interview with an agent or networking to get referrals for an agent. They don’t try to do everything or use the excuse that they can not afford to hire someone to help. If you are consistently recruiting experienced agents, you can afford the right support. A top producer knows that the best use of their time is to stay face to face with a buyer or seller and delegate all the “stuff”.  Master recruiters have the same mentality of top producers.

#6: They invest a time and effort into an effective marketing campaign:What is an effective marketing campaign? One that works! Your marketing pieces should create curiosity and desire to know more about your company and the opportunities that you have for them. Your marketing should also educate them about the results that others have had when they joined your firm and what’s in it for them to check you out. Agent testimonials are great to use as well. Remember that it is not just about sending them a letter or postcard but about sending them the right one! The right marketing pieces make it easier to get an interview with the agents that you want.

#7: They constantly educate themselves about their competition and know how they compare to their competition: When you know that you are the best office in your market, you will always be more passionate in your presentation. Master recruiters never get discouraged when the competition offers really high splits or offer “great deals” to get an agent. Master recruiters know that when you can show more value you will always hire more agents. The key to showing value is to show the agents the opportunities that they can have with your firm that they don’t have now. Each opportunity is worth thousands of dollars.

Article courtesy of Judy LaDeur International

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