CubiCasa – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Liset Hanes
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Questions Regarding the Scan

What is the best scanning technique for data collection?

Please kindly check this link, where you can see the best scanning practices article and video with all the tips needed.

How to scan a two-story property? Do I need to do something when I move to another floor?

You just need to continue scanning while going upstairs/downstairs, our system will automatically recognize the stairs and include this area on a new floor.

How do I scan exterior areas or detached structures?

To capture detached structures, it’s okay to walk any distance less than 300 feet while still scanning, if the distance is bigger than that, we would recommend making two separate scans.

Exterior areas can also be included in the floor plan, please check this video for some tips on how to scan these areas.

Questions on How to Edit the Floor Plan

How do I edit the floor plan?

We have two ways of editing and fixing a floor plan, Quick Edit and Change Request.

On the Quick Edit tool, you can do a few minor changes like:

In case you can’t solve it on the Quick Edit tool, you can submit a Change Request so that the production team can change this for you. See the example requests below:

  • Add, change, or remove doors, windows, and furniture
  • Add a space you forgot or were unable to scan, for example, a garage, a room, or a balcony (Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of dimensions for areas that haven’t been scanned)
  • Structural changes, for example, changes in wall positions

How do I submit a Change Request?

You can submit a Change Request through the order’s page -> Actions -> Change request:

After that, you can click on “New Request” add all necessary information, and send.

Questions Regarding the Styling Tab

How do I change the colors in the floor plan?

Please check this article to learn how to define the colors for your floor plans.

How do I apply the style created to an order?

The style selected will automatically apply to all new orders.

In order to apply the style to delivered orders, go to the order page, click on “Actions” then click on “Use another style”, select the template you have created, and click on “Change Style.”

How to change the measurements from meters to feet?

You can change the unit of measurement under your account settings. Please follow the steps described here.

Once you have created or updated your style template. Go back to the order you want to edit. Click the Actions button on the right, and then select Use another style. The plan should update within a few moments.

Account Related Questions

How do I add my MLS ID to my account?

You can add your MLS information by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your account from the website
  2. Click on the Settings button on the left side of your screen
  3. Click on the General tab
  4. Click on the MLS Membership tab on the top menu option
  5. Enter your MLS membership information and select “Add Membership” when you are done to save

How to change my email address or password?

Log in to your account from the website, click on your name at the bottom left of your screen, then click on “My Profile”.

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