ChocolateChips.AI – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Liset Hanes
ChocolateChips.AI Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need ChocolateChips.AI when I can use ChatGPT directly?

ChocolateChips.AI provides much more standalone ChatGPT or a single AI for REALTORS®.  Users are provided with many mojos for generating AI driven contents for text, images and building all your social media posts very easily.

Creating campaigns manually is a lot of work especially for social media.  If you are a new agent it takes you to hire a dedicated staff or do it yourself which is expensive, costing time and money.  Creativity is enhanced with AI’s vast information base.

Depending on your usage, ChocolateChips.AI’s effective cost can be even lower than direct payment to ChatGPT – PLUS, the language model for ChocolateChips.AI has been fine-tuned to process thousands of curated-content related to home buying and selling, financing, title, home improvement, etc.

If you enter your prompt in ChatGPT-like tools, it could be used for system training AND you may not have privacy protection.  Inside, all the information you enter is private and not shared with anyone.

Text prompts are OPTIMIZED with millions of concepts for real estate with pretrained models that understand all aspects of the real estate ecosystem – selling, buying, financing, refinance, home improvements and more. Built in voice dictation and compliance features you won’t find anywhere else.   MIAMI Members get SPECIAL PRICING for this all-in-one system!

How does my free and paid subscription work?

The free trial period starts on the first login to ChocolateChips.AI using your email account.  It comes with 3,000 words credits and 5 image credits.  The trial period ends when the credits are used.  Upgrade to a paid subscription available in your account.

Is my data stored?

Yes, you have the choice to select which information you want to save and keep.  All information stored is compliant.

Who owns the copyright?

ChocolateChips.AI does not use any copyrighted material and it is advised that users don’t either!  ChocolateChips.AI provides appropriate tools for plagiarism checks that protect our users against copyright and SEO issues.
Information content generated in the core AI system is meant to be unique and is offered to the user for their use free of any copyright or watermarks in images.  Please note that there may be watermarks in images generated in the trial period.  Upgrading to a paid subscription removes watermarks from images.

Who is responsible for checking content appropriateness?

You are.
ChocolateChips.AI is fully supervised, meaning, the user has full visibility on all content generated including checks for plagiarism, and hence the user takes responsibility if they want to use specific content or not.  The Large Language Model – Microsoft OpenAI that ChocolateChips.AI uses underneath – is one of the most reliable and safe infrastructures on the market for appropriate content generation.  These LLMs are continually trained for upcoming standards on appropriate content.   ChocolateChips.AI takes appropriate measures to protect users but at the same time, the final responsibility to use specific content or not is with the end user.
Please note that ChocolateChips.AI relies on information coming from OpenAI and is not responsible for the content.  Please check EULA for more details.
For imaging, matching results are based only on visual similarities.  Generative art is initiated by users and may not reflect the views of ChocolateChips.AI

Can I download the content generated?

Yes, ChocolateChips.AI provides free and unlimited downloading and copying of contents generated by the user (inside all mojos) which users can freely use with any third-party software like CRMs and others.

Can I use this on my phone?

A mobile app with a subset of features is coming soon.  However, given the breadth of marketing features, desktop access is recommended.

What ChatGPT model is used?

ChocolateChips.AI uses ChatGPT 4.0 das well as add powerful models from Meta, Google, Anthropic, and others to offer a wide-range of choices.

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