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New Listing Display Controls Now Available

by | Jun 08, 2018

The options for sorting, hiding, and removing listing search results, which previously required several clicks to access under the "Options" button, have been moved to a conveniently located options bar that displays above all search results. In addition, the page's save options have been moved directly to the MLS actions bar for improved functionality and ease of access when working with searches and results.

Changes for the new controls include the following:

  • A "Save" button is now available on the MLS action bar for convenient access when saving searches and listings.
  • "Show", "Remove", and "Sort" controls are now accessible from the listing display options bar on search results pages, allowing MLS users to quickly and efficiently organize their search results.
  • "Show" and "Remove" controls have been enhanced to allow a choice between checked and unchecked listings.

As part of this enhancement, a new "Listing Display Options" video tutorial has been added to the Rapattoni MLS Learning Center. Please click here or click the image below to view the short video.

New Listing Display Controls Now Available

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