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Commercial Education

Our classes and seminars always keep you in mind ways you can make more money, save time and protect your commission.  Addressing timely topics and issues in all of our six locations for your convenience, we offer classes and seminars for those new to commercial as well as the seasoned practitioner.  Topics include:

  • Contract and leasing seminars
  • Training on how to use your membership tools more profitably
  • Property and financial analysis
  • Marketing your properties effectively
  • Spotlight on local areas in our Community Series
  • Expert Series to highlight South Florida's greatest real estate minds
  • Industry issues that impact your business

This year culminates with our Annual Commercial Conference in November 16th.

RCA Miami

Commercial Events & Classes

Over 4,000 Seminars throughout South Florida

77% Included with your MIAMI Membership - "The Educated Choice" - Hundreds are Included with your MIAMI Membership - all are discounted only for MIAMI Members

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