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What’s In It for Me?

Exclusive discount for all MIAMI REALTORS members.

Benefits for Miami Realtors

  • Unlimited upload of listings for FREE.
  • Access to the Networking Marketplace where you can reach, connect and build referrals with like-minded professionals.
  • Gain access to the DPAP - Developers Preferred Agent Program on upgraded packages, connect with Developers & sell cross border.
  • Time-saving & cost effective way to market your properties and to manage your leads.

Benefits for Real Estate Developer

  • Boost your sales through Realopedia’s Developer’s Preferred Agent Program (DPAP). Tap in to a pool of certified real estate agents to sell your developments locally and globally.
  • Drive new revenues and growth.
  • Target new markets through a variety of marketing and advertising packages.
  • Reach investors and customers globally.
  • Create a powerful marketing resource library to generate interests.

Benefits for Corporate Affiliates

  • Register & Build your company profile with company logo, expertise, email, website & address.
  • Dedicated link from the company profile page to share on social media sites and email signature.
  • Expose your company profile and be visible.
  • Receive a discount for upgraded packages as a member of the Miami Association of Realtors.
  • Access the Networking Marketplace on the upgraded packages, network & build referrals with real estate agents & other corporate affiliates.

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Marketing:  Advertising opportunities to help enhance your business

Banners: Members of Miami Association of Realtors can advertise their company.  Please email for further information.

Realopedia eMagazine:  Do you want to share your blog? Articles? Properties & projects?  The Realopedia eMagazine is quarterly and available in upgraded packages.
For more information email Florence Arellano at

Media Centre:   As a Miami Association of Realtor Member, you can share your podcast, audio /visual, and webinars on Realopedia.
Knowledge Hub:  Enable you to grow your business, keep up to date with the latest news and trends in real estate, global market information and country statistics

Corporate Affiliates will be able to provide information to the Knowledge Hub Section of Realopedia.  This information and data are free for members, customers and investors.

For more information email Florence Arellano at
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Automated Email: Realopedia will keep Miami Association of Realtors members up to date with new updates on Realopedia on a regular basis

Webinars, Videos & Tutorials

Realopedia is the global real estate marketplace for residential, commercial, investment and services – it’s the go to site to do business for MIAMI and major destinations worldwide.  As the largest local REALTOR® Association in the United States, we are proud to market our 46,000 members properties on Realopedia.
Teresa King Kinney
MIAMI Association of REALTORS®

I believe Realopedia will be the platform for real estate that will attract capital and investors, that we were not able to attract traditionally. And in this regard, we are also looking for real estate agents worldwide to be our ambassadors, to be our voice of Dubai. I think if we want 10 times investors than we have today, we need to use Realopedia as the face to the international investors. We have enough focusing on traditional markets and investors. Let’s get out of the box. Technology makes things faster and cheaper. This is the way forward.
Mahmoud Al Burai
Dubai Real Estate Institute – Dubai Land Department

Realopedia is the next generation platform for real estate professionals. In an ever shrinking world one must be constantly expanding their reach to stay competitive. Realopedia offers the perfect place to do that. It provides a unique ecosystem where fruitful relationships can be built in residential, commercial and investment real estate.
Nicholas Zavala
Strategic Business Director
SDAR – The Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS

Realopedia, is the first portal that has Developers, Investors, Agents, Business Owners and Service Providers on one table, in one global search engine… This portal tapped in a segment of the market that was previously poorly touched. Realopedia redefined the standards of global real-estate and business network portals.
Raad Ayoub
Regional Manager
Smart Advanced Solutions

Realopedia is a valuable new international real estate portal for individuals, investors and the wider property community. A unique tool with market intelligence, property listings and crowd funding opportunities all at your fingertips!
David Telfer
Middle East Representative

I believe, Realopedia is a real breakthrough in the real estate world, as it offers a turnkey platform, and provide extensive information in simple clicks,
The site is extensive, reliable and comprehensive, and it sure answers many versatile questions and saves valuable time, especially for someone like me.
Lina Al Kouatly
Managing Director

The Realopedia portal, is not just another portal listing, but a new concept of relationship between players in the real estate market worldwide. The truly global portal! We are pleased with the excellent results for us and we hope this will improve every day.
Heitor Kuser
KUSER Brasil