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Frequently Asked Questions

Matrix 7.0 and the New Client Portal

Matrix 7.0 will bring a new Client Portal experience for agents and customers. The basic functionality of the Portal remains, but now has an updated interface and a responsive design. Find out more about the update in the FAQs below:

  1. What is the upcoming update—Matrix 7.0?
  1. Matrix 7.0 includes a new Client Portal that has a responsive design. This means that the Mobile Portal will no longer exist. Matrix 7.0 also includes an update to Google Maps in the MLS.

  1. When did Matrix 7.0 launch?
  1. Matrix 7.0 launched on August 3, 2017.

  1. What are the new features included in Matrix 7.0?
  1. New features include:
    • A responsive design and a modern look/feel
    • Updated search displays
    • Easier communication via Property Notes
    • Customizable agent notifications of Client Portal activity
    • A better looking and easier-to-update Agent Portal Profile

  1. How does a client save a property as a Favorite, Possibility or Discard it?
  1. All three property tagging options—Favorite, Possibility, and Discard—are located when a user clicks the Heart icon on any listing. When the Heart is clicked, a sub-menu will appear where the user can choose which tag to apply to the listing.

  1. Where do Favorited/Possibility/Discarded listings save in the Client Portal?
  1. All listings that are tagged with a Favorite, Possibility, or Discarded marking will appear under the appropriate tag on the Favorites menu.

  1. How do I update my Agent Portal Profile? (the info that appears on the "My Agent" tab of the Portal)
  1. Go to My Matrix -> Settings -> Select "Portal Profile" under My Information. Each blue bar is editable for your information; you can rearrange the order by dragging the icons on the left and click the checkmarks on the right to display each section.

  1. I uploaded a new agent photo, why do I still see my old photo?
  1. If you've uploaded a new agent photo to appear on your Header, Agent Webpage, and My Agent section (of your Client's Portal), and you're still seeing your old photo, please clear your browser's cache. The photo is updated and other agents/clients view the new photo, but you will need to trigger your browser to re-pull the image into its history. Your browser will eventually update to the new photo even if you don't clear the cache.

  1. How do I add a photo to my email signature
  1. When you go to My Matrix -> Settings -> Email Signature, click the "Image" icon on toolbar. An "Image Properties" pop up will appear. Next to the URL field, click "Select Image." You will need to have an agent photo added to your profile in Add/Edit to select a photo from there.
    • To add an agent photo, go to Add/Edit -> enter your Agent ID in the "Quick Modify Agent" field and click Edit; click Manage Photos and upload your agent photo.

  1. Will the new Client Portal affect my IDX feed plugin and/or my Matrix Agent Webpage?
  1. The new Portal feed will be updated, so if you have an IDX plugin or a Matrix Agent Webpage, it will be updated, as well. Review the changes with your web developer to see if any changes need to be made.

  1. Why do I have to agree to a new End User License Agreement (EULA)?
  1. CoreLogic and Google require all MLS subscribers to agree to a new EULA due to Matrix 7.0 integrating with Google Maps. All users are required to agree to the terms before being able to access the MLS. The EULA is related specifically to the Google Maps update and not the MIAMI MLS Terms of Use.

  1. Does the Mobile Portal still exist?
  1. No. Since the new Client Portal is responsive and accessible from any device, there is no need for a Mobile Portal.

  1. How do I set up my Agent Notifications of my clients' Portal activity?
  1. Go to My Matrix -> Settings -> Portal Notification Settings. You'll see a list of 10 options that you can customize to be notified of client activity via instant email, instant text, or a daily summary email. Options include:
    • Saves a Favorite listing
    • Saves a new search
    • Visits Portal (any time or for the first time)
    • Adds a Property Note

  1. How can my clients and I leave Property Notes for each other?
  1. On any listing's Full Property Details page, there is a "Notes for you and your agent" comment box; click "Add Note" to leave a comment. Any comment will appear in each party's Messages menu, where you can also leave comments for each other.

  1. How do I update my Header? Do we have a Footer option now?
  1. Yes, you have a Footer now! To update your Header & Footer, go to My Matrix -> Settings -> Header & Footer under My Information. Ensure your information is correct. You can now choose which branding to display on your header and have more template headers to choose from, as well as upload a custom one. The "Print Footer" section will allow you to enable a footer to appear on Printed Reports and Displays.