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From Angola to Fort Lauderdale: A Real Estate Broker Achieves Her Father’s Dream

by | May 23, 2018

By Chris Umpierre



Leave his beloved homeland or risk his young family being at risk.

João Carvalho chose the former, leaving everything he owned in Angola after the outbreak of violent independence wars. Carvalho relocated his wife and three young children to Brazil and then Portugal. He always envisioned living in the United States, a democratic country he adored from afar.

His daughter, Patricia Anglero, held on to that vision. She went to the University of Florida and graduated in Microbiology and cell science, became a U.S. citizen, became a Realtor, rose to become the sole owner of a top Fort Lauderdale real estate firm and is now the 2018 Broward President for the MIAMI Association of REALTORS®.

You can bet Mr. Carvalho is smiling from above. He passed away last year.

“I’m accomplishing his dream,” Patricia said. “I’m an American business owner. I’m an American citizen. Exactly what my father wanted to do is what I’m doing. My father lives through me. A lot of the things I’m doing is because of him. From being a self-starter to being a hard worker. I learned it from him.”


Life in Angola

João Carvalho had to re-start his life not once but twice. The first came in the 1970s when he made the difficult decision of leaving his native country after the outbreak of communism and war.

With an Angola communist government backed by the Soviet Union and Cuba, João Carvalho knew he had no choice but to leave. He uprooted his three young children and left everything and everyone he had ever known. Patricia Anglero was 8 years old at the time.


The family moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was too much change, too fast. The family relocated to Portugal. Patricia’s mother is from Portugal and they have extended family there. The family lived 14 years in Portugal as Patricia completed middle school and high school.

Then João Carvalho decided to send his two youngest to America to study abroad. Patricia and her youngest brother arrived in Florida in 1988 to start studying at the Univ. of Florida. João Carvalho returned to his homeland and brought Chrysler to the African market in order to connect the two nations in his heart. He was very successful at it. Until his last days he saw Patricia Anglero grow and strive in the Real Estate business leaving his legacy of leadership and self-starter in all his 3 children.


Benefiting from Diversity

Patricia carried on her father’s hard work ethic and inclusive beliefs at the University of Florida. While in Gainesville, she joined an international group. She learned about different cultures at the weekly meetings. She learned different dances, music and foods.

As someone who has lived all over the globe (Angola, Brazil, Portugal and United States), Patricia speaks of the importance of diversity and accepting other cultures.

“Being around people from different backgrounds, you realize it’s not about how we are different,” Patricia said. “It’s about how we are the same. America symbolizes that.”

America also symbolizes a strong work ethic. Relocating to the United States from another country doesn’t guarantee success, Patricia said. You have to work hard to realize that American dream.


Pursuing Real Estate; Becoming a Successful Broker

After college, Patricia chose to pursue real estate in one of America’s top markets: South Florida. Her love for real estate began in 2002 when she assisted a multi-million-dollar producer friend of hers. Real estate just felt natural.

In 2003, Patricia earned her real estate license. She became an agent at Galleria Collection of Fine Homes in Fort Lauderdale. Patricia began selling high-rise condominium residences as a sales executive and later as a sales director assisting the broker with several developer accounts.

The Great Recession of 2009 hurt the firm and the owner sold the business to Patricia and partners that year. The firm’s name was changed to Galleria International Realty and the group took over the space on January 20, 2009. Patricia has that date memorized.

The other partners have all since moved on from the business. Patricia stayed on, believing in what she had built. Others didn’t believe a women could lead the business. Her agents disagreed. All 140 agents stayed on to work under Patricia.

Today, Galleria International Realty is one of the longest-running offices on Las Olas Boulevard., one of Fort Lauderdale’s busiest streets. Patricia keeps the firm open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

“Business is non-stop. It’s not 9 to 5,” Patricia said. “Business is all-year around and all-week around. We have that type of traffic. And it’s like I tell my agents: floor time is a privilege; not an obligation.”


Broward’s Growth as a Top Home Buying Destination

Patricia has seen a spike in international and domestic home buyers in recent years. She credits Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport’s recent expansion with many non-stop flights added, the growth of Broward County’s cruise industry and Fort Lauderdale Las Olas’ growth as a global destination.

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) is one of the fastest-growing airports in the U.S. In 2016 passenger traffic, FLL ranked 21st in the U.S. Port Everglades is consistently ranked as one of the three busiest ports in the world with over 3.8 million passengers in 2017.

Las Olas Boulevard is one of South Florida’s most popular and charming thoroughfares. Las Olas is at the forefront of everything from fashion boutiques and art galleries, to memorable restaurants, sidewalk cafés and clubs.

Fort Lauderdale ranks as the sixth-best city in the United States for real estate investment, according to a 2017 report by PwC US and Urban Land Institute’s Emerging Trends in Real Estate.

A booming population helped boost Fort Lauderdale’s standing. A quarter of the population is between ages 15 and 34. Fort Lauderdale scored highest for multifamily with an investment prospect score of 3.77, followed closely by industrial, which scored 3.64 on a scale of 1 to 5.

Thousands of high-quality residential units are being added to the Fort Lauderdale and Broward marketplace over the next few years.

“Every time I get a report on what international countries are buying in Broward, I see that right away on our (firm’s) floor,” Patricia said. “When the Canadians started coming back, we could see it. Las Olas is a popular street. Not as popular as Lincoln Road but it’s busier than Worth Avenue in Palm Beach.”


Becoming a MIAMI Leader

Patricia was originally part of another area board but switched to the MIAMI Association of REALTORS® (MIAMI) because of the association’s international outreach. MIAMI is the largest local Realtor association in the U.S., and has official partnerships with 174 international organizations worldwide.

“International outreach is so important because we are a melting pot,” Patricia said. “South Florida is not localized. We need to look out for our international market and understand it. MIAMI has always done a great job promoting South Florida and making global connections for its members.”

Patricia volunteered her time as a Broward Governor for the MIAMI Association for four years, before being selected to be Broward President this year.

“I participate not only to give back to the board, but also to learn about different aspects of being a broker,” Patricia said. “(MIAMI CEO) Teresa King Kinney is so inspiring. As a woman leader, she’s inspiring.”

Only in America could a woman from Angola come here and rise up the ranks in a competitive real estate industry. Nine years after joining Galleria as an agent, Patricia is the broker/owner of one of Fort Lauderdale’s top real estate firms.

“I’m living the dream right now,” she said.




Name: Patricia Anglero

Board position: 2018 MIAMI Broward President

Employment: Broker/President of Galleria International Realty

Achievement: She attended the University of Florida and studied microbiology and cell science until 1995 when she married and moved to South Florida becoming a permanent resident. 

Did you know? Anglero is a native of Angola, Africa of Portuguese descent. Having lived half of her life in several countries and the other half in the United States has given her a broad understanding of international business, an important attribute in a global metropolis like South Florida.



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