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New & Updated Access Rights Now Available

by | Jun 08, 2018

The links on the "Revise Listing" page have been updated to leverage individual access rights for more granular control. With this update, the "Listing Modify" access right has been separated so that users can be assigned individual rights for the MLS as needed.

A new "Revise Map Pin Placement" access right is now available beneath the "Listing Attachments Query" access right on Manage Member Access form, allowing association staff to manage user access to Map Pin Placement features on an individual basis.

Please note that following the deployment, all current user access rights will remain unchanged.

PLEASE NOTE: All features announced in this notification, other than those items included under the "Staff Only" section, will be announced to your agents in the broadcast notice that will be posted after the update. While we do our best to ensure that the features included in this report are relevant to every MLS, we cannot guarantee that all features and improvements are applicable to your MLS. If you find that an item included on this list should not be announced to your agents, please contact your staff support representative as soon as possible to have the item removed.

We will post the following broadcast notice to inform your members of these new features following the update:

Subject: What's New in the MLS!
From: Rapattoni Corporation

New & Updated Access Rights Now Available

A PDF version of this document can be found in the Support Center, accessible directly in the MLS under the Help tab on the menu bar. Click on the Staff Tools tab within the Support Center, and select MLS Enhancement Archive.


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