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MRETE - Miami Real Estate Technology Expert

Specialized Technology Training Brought to You by Miami REALTORS & the Real Estate Technology Institute

Certification Description

Nothing has changed the real estate industry more than the continuous growth and role of technology and the explosion of Internet being used by both real estate practitioners and consumers.  With today’s consumer having access to more information and tools, their needs and expectations have evolved and they are demanding more knowledge and service from their REALTOR® than ever before.

Due to this, to succeed in today’s real estate industry, a licensee must learn about and be comfortable using the latest technologies available that will help them properly and safely reach, service & communicate with their potential, current, past customers in the most efficient way anywhere in the world and stand out from the competition. 

It is not the intention of this 1-year certification program to turn participants into technology experts; just to make them aware of important resources and develop a better understanding of the tools, rules, regulations, etc. and how to leverage the advantages of using technology to help them excel in today’s real estate world.  This program is perfect to prepare a real estate practitioner who is new to the business or re-educate a seasoned veteran on the fast moving technology side of the business.

Certification Structure

1-Year Certification program consisting of completing 3 MRETE Required & 2 MRETE Elective live instruction courses taught by RETI delivering 11 CE credit hours within a 12-month period.  Each quarter the required & elective courses will be held on 2 consecutive days at MIAMI Dade & Broward  locations, thus giving each applicant multiple chances to fulfill the requirements within the defined time limit.  In each future year, applicant must complete 2 additional MRETE Elective courses to maintain the MRETE Certification status.  Applicant must be in good standing with local, state and national Association.

Required Courses: (must complete 3 of the following):

  • The Realtors Essential Technology Toolbox (4 CEU)
  • Run a Successful Real Estate Website (3 CEU)
  • Become a Real Estate Social Media Super Star (4 CEU)
  • Working with Today's Hyper Connected Consumer (4 CEU)
  • Market Like a Rockstar on a Roadies Budget (4 CEU)
  • Become a Real Estate Internet Whiz (4 CEU)
  • How Technology Can Ruin Your Business (3 CEU)
  • Run Your Business on Google and the Cloud (4 CEU)


Craig Grant

Craig Grant, The Real Estate Tech Guru, is able to explain technology so that the average REALTOR can not only understand, but apply it to improve their business.

Elective Courses:

  • REALTORS® Tech Buying Guide
  • How to Turn Your Real Estate Company into a Tech Profit Center
  • The Real Estate Broker/Owner's Ultimate Technology Toolbox
  • Real Estate Tech Customer Service Tools
  • Contact & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Real Estate   - New
  • __ Apps in ___ Minutes
  • How Smart is Your Smart Phone
  • Tablet Training 101
  • Run Your Business on Google (mini)
  • Run a Successful Real Estate Website (mini)
  • Next Generation or The Future of Real Estate Tools - New
  • Cloud, Paperless & Mobile 
  • To the Clouds (Cloud & SAS)
  • Google & the Clouds
  • Going Totally Paperless
  • Be a Realty Mobile Road Warrior
  • To the Clouds (Cloud & SAS)
  • Google & the Clouds
  • Going Totally Paperless
  • Be a Realty Mobile Road Warrior
  • Websites, Marketing & Communication 
  • Run a Successful Realty Website (mini)
  • How REALTORS® Can Dominate the Search Engines
  • Finding Real Estate Consumers Online
  • Your New Real Estate Marketing Plan- New
  • E-mail 101 (basics of email usage and tools)
  • E-mail Marketing 101
  • Video 101
  • New World of Tech Communication Tools - New
  • Working with Today's Hyper Connected Consumer- New
  • Social Media Success in Under 15 Minutes a Day!
  • Facebook For REALTORS®
  • Social Media Hands-On Workshop (2 hours)
  • Tech Legal & Risk Management 
  • Online, E-mail & Social Media Etiquette
  • Tech Risk Management for REALTORS®
  • Data Security & Tech Risk Management for REALTORS® - New
  • RETI's Technology Education Camp One Man Half Day, REBar Camp Styled
  • Themed Learning Events